Customer FAQs
How can I buy a video?
Choose your celebrity, fill out the request form, and click the "Request" button! You can use your credit/debit card on our website. We will put a temporary authorization hold on your card until your video is completed.
How long will my video request take to be completed?
Our celebrities are given up to seven days to fulfill requests. If your request isn't completed within seven days, it will expire, and the temporary hold on your debit/credit card will be released.
How will I receive my video once it's completed?
A link will be sent to the email address that you provided when you ordered your video.
Can I download and keep my video?
Yes. It's super easy! If you are on a laptop or desktop, your video can be downloaded via the link we emailed you.
When will I be charged for my video?
If you pay using a credit/debit card, we will put a hold on your credit/debit card as an authorization until your order is completed. Your debit/credit card will be charged as soon as your video is completed. If your request is not completed, the authorization will be released, and you should see the hold removed from your credit/debit card up to seven days after your video rewquest has expired or been declined.
Celebrity FAQs
What is MetMet?
Metmet Platform helps Celebrities to earn money by creating personalized short video messages for special occasions (such as birthdays, wedding or anniversary) and everyday moments for their fans.
Why should you join METMET?
You can earn money for yourself or raise money for a charity. You're simply providing your fans with personalized, unforgettable moments that inspire and enable them to feel connected to you.
How do I create a Celebrity account?
Please fill follow the link to create your account.
Why do I need to share my contact details with MetMet?
Every Celebrity on MetMet has a personal manager to help you get the best possible platform experience, so we need to make sure we can reach you. We do not share it with your fans, and we keep your personal information safe and secure.
How is Celebrity's price for a video determined?
Each Celebrity sets their own price and can change it at any time. Revenue split — 75% to Celebrity, 25% to MetMet. No additional fees.
How do I get paid?
Once you provide PayPal account details in your profile settings, your earnings will be credited to PayPal account permanently.
How much time does it take to record a video?
Usually, it takes about 30 seconds.
Can I choose which MetMet videos I complete?
Yes — you can accept or decline any request.
Can I make the video on my mobile phone?
You can make the video with any device. Please, ensure the quality is reasonable enough.
How many requests can I receive at once?
There is no limit to the number of video requests you can take. You can accept the request based on your working capacity and availability.
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